About Me

YummyMummy-53Hi I’m Emma A – The Style Advisor – welcome to my website. I work with women throughout Yorkshire to help them look and feel more confident by using my services. These services include personal shop and wardrobe consolidation, where I create outfits they may have never considered. See ‘Services’ for full details.

I know from personal experience after going through major surgery, that how you dress affects how you feel. I also know the importance of being treated as an individual. This is why I do not obsess about body shapes, nor get hung up on colours. Instead I treat every client as an individual, listening to individual needs, and use my expert knowledge to advise on the most flattering clothes shapes, styles and appropriate stores. It is my job to ensure every client looks and feels comfortable and confident, with a style that reflects their individual personality and lifestyle.

By using my services, clients save time and money, yet look and feel fantastic. And I could do the same for you.

My background

I graduated in 2000 with a BA (Hons) in Public Relations, and amongst others worked for a company responsible for promoting the skills required to work in the fashion and textiles industry.

In 2007, whilst away at a conference, my back went – I simply could not move. Tests revealed I had a rare spinal condition, something I had been born with. I went onto have various procedures and operations including spinal fusion. It was during this time I began to realise the way I dressed affected how confident and positive I felt, and how others viewed me.

I wanted to learn which items were worth investing in, where best to shop for my budget? What style did I want to portray to the world? Which clothes made me look and feel better, and gave me confidence when I saw my reflection in the mirror?

So I retrained in Style & Image advice. I started helping friends and family consolidate their wardrobe to help them feel better about themselves. Happy with the results they suggested why don’t I do this for a living? So I set-up Emma A – The Style Advisor – and have never looked back.

About Me

I’m Emma A - The Style Advisor. I work with women throughout Yorkshire to help them look and feel more confident, by using my wardrobe and personal shopping services.