Q. How do I know what body shape I am?

A. First I don’t like to get too obsessed with body shape. I’d much prefer clients to consider which parts of their body they want to highlight, and those parts they want to disguise. We are all individuals, and whilst one woman may be really proud of her big bust, another may want to make hers look smaller. It is all about proportions, and I can teach you some fantastic tricks to enable you to meet your style objectives, whether this is to look slimmer, taller, disguise a tummy etc.

Q. Where does someone over the age of 40 shop?

A. Like with body shapes, I don’t like to get too obsessed with age. It is more about wearing what you feel comfortable in, and what shapes and styles flatter you. Also I encourage my clients to remember the quote by Yves Saint Laurent – ‘Fashions fade, Style is eternal’.  In other words don’t worry too much about fashion, instead stick to classic, well-cut pieces from stores such as Zara, Marks & Spencer (Autograph collection especially), and Wallis. To update such pieces visit stores like Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, New Look and even Primark to buy on-trend accessories.

Q. Where can someone a size 18 plus go to shop?

A. Gone are the days when anyone over a size 16 only had Evans to go to when buying new clothes. Not only do the majority of high-street stores stock their main ranges up to at least a size 18, they also have specific Plus Size ranges.  As a Style Advisor, it is my job to know exactly which sizes each stores caters for. Here are some examples:

New Look – sizes 8-18 with a Plus Range in sizes 16 – 26

Next – most ranges up to size 22 with Plus Sizes up to size 26. Note Tall / Petite ranges go up to size 18

Marks & Spencer sizes 8 -28, Plus range size 20-28, Autograph – to a size 22, Limited Collection – to a size 18

Q. Are you the coloured scarf lady?

A. Whilst this way of working may suit some people, my thoughts are there are so many variables when considering colour, it is extremely difficult to determine hard and fast rules. Also selecting the right colours and patterns is just one way to help you look and feel your best. You also need to wear the correct underwear, clothes shapes and sizes to flatter your body shape and proportions.

With so many colour shades available, there will be one that suits you.  If you wear a colour that makes your eyes, skin and hair glow then it’s the right colour for you – if the colour makes you look drained then it isn’t. Have fun, try on different colours – you may even have a pleasant surprise.

Q. How can I grab a genuine bargain in the sales?

A. Before hitting the sales make a list of what is missing from your wardrobe, and stick to the list. It’s easy to get distracted by a ‘bargain’, but it’s not a bargain if when you get it home you have nothing to go with it.

Also use the sales as an opportunity to shop at premium high-street stores e.g. Reiss, Ted Baker, Hobbs. Again go with your list, but find quality classic pieces that are a flattering cut and fabric. They will last you for years to come.

About Me

I’m Emma A - The Style Advisor. I work with women throughout Yorkshire to help them look and feel more confident, by using my wardrobe and personal shopping services.