Prepare for Successful Sales Shopping

If you are planning to hit the summer sales this weekend, it’s a must to go prepared. Here’s my three top tips:

1) Before hitting the sales make a list of what is missing from your wardrobe, and stick to the list. It’s easy to get distracted by a ‘bargain’, but it’s not a bargain if when you get it home you have nothing to go with it.

IMG_0927.JPG (2)2) Unless you are going on holiday don’t buy lots of summer clothes – we simply don’t have the weather for long enough, and avoid high-fashion pieces that will date. Instead invest in classic pieces that will last you for many summers to come. Also look for pieces that you can add a jacket, or cardigan to, or a dress you can add tights to once we go into autumn.  This way you get more value for money from your new purchases.

3) Use the sales as an opportunity to shop at premium high-street stores e.g. ReissTed BakerHobbs. Then there is Zara which is great for tailored jackets and printed trousers in sizes 6 – 18, and Laura Ashley has moved on and has some amazing dresses and trousers in sizes 8 – 20. Again go with your list, but find quality classic pieces that are a flattering cut and fabric for your body shape and proportions. They will last you for years to come.

Happy shopping, and of course if you need me to help then contact me.

Emma A – The Style Advisor x

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